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    Community Dining Lunches

    Lunch at the center is served promptly at noon. It is important to arrive by 12 pm in order to be served. The suggested donation is $5.00 per meal. Come in, join friends in the Harmony Dining Hall and visit over the noon meal.

    This Week’s Menu

    • Dining Menu May 20th – 24th

      Monday ~ Beef Taco Salad, Soup, Fruit & Dessert

      Tuesday ~ Tortilla Espanola, Chichi Bean Salad, Gazpacho, Dessert & Fruit

      Wednesday ~ Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Cucumber & Tomato Salad, Fruit & Yogurt

      Thursday ~ Veggie Chili, Garden Salad, Cheesy Cornbread, Fruit & Dessert

      Friday ~ BBQ Pork, Mac & Cheese, Slaw & Fruit

      Wednesday Night Dinner ~  Baked Chicken, Stuffing, Veggies, Soup & Dessert

      *Menu is subject to change.

    Delivery Meals are available in our limited delivery area. Two unique full meals are prepared for delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a cost of $10.00 per day.

    *Please note that when the center is closed no meals are served.

    The Ballard NW Senior Center is known as the friendly Center where all are welcome and appreciated. We are committed to equity and inclusion. As our CEO said, “At Sound Generations we embrace the belief that racial and other social identities should be respected and affirmed.” We don’t tolerate racism on any level and we commit to work for a better future.

    At Ballard NW Senior Center or motto is “together we can do more”, as the friendliest Center where we work together to welcome, support and appreciate all.   

    We need your help and support. Please consider making a a tax deductible
    donation today so we can provide for our older adults. These folks might be you, your family,
    friends or neighbors. Food security, health and wellness, increased connections and less
    isolation, assistance services, socialization are all part of the center programs that make so
    many lives better.

    Without the generosity of the community we wouldn’t be able to do all we do. Please consider making a tax deductible
    donation to Ballard NW Senior Center.

    You can also donate by check to: Ballard NW Senior Center 5429 32nd NW Seattle WA 98107.  

    members of ballard senior center with signs that say Stay Strong


    I want to thank each and every volunteer for all your service to the Center. You are the heart and soul of our Center. We applaud and honor each of you. Your care, concern, commitment, time, energy, knowledge, heart, friendliness, hard work, effort and dedication are deeply appreciated. Thank You, Thank You! Love and hugs to each of you. Keep smiling, we will be serving together as soon as possible.

     “I wasn’t afraid to fail. Something good always comes out of failure.”

    – Anne Baxter

    “If age imparted wisdom, there wouldn’t be any old fools.”

    Claudia Young

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