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There Will Be 160 People Performing The Odyssey

The show itself, which Charles Isherwood at The New York Times described as a “brash, funny and heart-stirring” musical that’s “more homage than adaptation” and more populist than classical, is really just the customer-facing product of months of theatrical teaching and training throughout Seattle. For the last year, teaching artists from the Rep have been working closely with five organizations all over town, including Path With Art, The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Jubilee Women’s Center, Centerstone, and Sound Generations/Ballard NW Senior Center. Read more on The Stranger

Making Theater Of, By & For The People Of Seattle

Ken Parms stumbled into Public Works Seattle by accident. His neighbor told him he could get a three-dollar lunch at the senior center. “I said great, let’s go, I’ll drive!” Parms says. The excursion happened to coincide with musical theater workshop day, and Parms was delighted with the chance to participate. He was hooked. Parms auditioned for “The Odyssey” in June and was cast as a cyclops. He couldn’t be more thrilled. “Like a school girl, I’m giddy!” he enthuses, although he concedes that, initially, the costume was so heavy the staff had to build a special structure to support it. Read more at KUOW.

Director’s Message

Wow! It is almost September and I’m sure looking forward to fall and all our activities for the rest of 2017. Wasn’t this summer something special? Certainly one for the record books with our 55 days of sun, heat and no rain. We have been very busy at your center. I hope you had a marvelous summer and spent some time doing your favorite summertime activities with family and friends. I hope you had lots of reasons to smile for yourself and for others benefit; that you were out and about interacting; that you had time to volunteer somewhere; that you had lots of opportunities for exercise whether it was walking, swimming, gardening, playing a game, golfing and that we all ate lots of the local fruits and veggies to keep us healthy, and that you found something to keep intellectually involved. Hope misfortunes were at a minimum, but if there was, that you could find something positive to learn from it. Our goal is to be the best we can be for where we are in our lives, so let’s all work together to make this happen.

I was just reading a Consumer Report and three things stood out. First, there are great benefits to having buddies, investing in friendships pays big dividends. Older adults who had friends were healthier, happier and had fewer health problems in their 60’s, 70’s, and well beyond. Second, a Tufts University study of 5,000 found those who ate a lot of fiber (beans, nuts, produce, wheat, and grains) had a 30 to 61% lower risk of osteoarthritis knee pain. Third, to help older adults fall less when outside, scan for trip hazards, ask for help when needed, wear good fitting shoes, don’t carry too much, and be careful with your bifocals. So now let’s have a busy, active, interesting September and fall season.

I always feel like September is a beginning. Summer is leaving us, leaves are changing, days are usually still pretty and nights are getting cooler, kids are back in school and everything starts back up at the center. We have some wonderful September and Fall offerings. There is something here for everyone. Our exercise programs are wonderful and diverse, our educational classes keep our brains active – I’ve always said we should learn something new every day, our lunches are nutritious and delicious, our people here are interesting, funny, stimulating, caring, helpful, good listeners, friendly, and always looking to share with another. It is fun to socialize here. Our health and wellness services are varied and there are opportunities to try new practices as well as the traditional services. I hate needles, but I tried acupuncture and it works well for me. I also tried Reiki and found that another healing and positive experience. We have meditation, massage, and Bastyr naturopathic services two times a week. We also have Foot Care, Dental Hygiene, Low Vision. Balance Exercises five days a week, 3 types of yoga, Shallow Water Fitness and EnhancedFitness are some of the exercise programs. They are very healthy and keep us well. Wonderful speakers, exciting trips, and so much going on. September is our Member’s Only Luncheon and our awesome Art, Wine and Chocolate event. Get your tickets and enjoy local artists, taste wines and chocolates, listen to jazz, and enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres and chocolate desserts. See you at the center in September. Smile!

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

Love, Carlye

Rummage Sales and Next Sale

We just finished our June sale and thanks to all of you we raised around $4,300 and still counting.  Thanks to all the donated, volunteered, attended, purchased and supported.  Whew! Congratulations! Job well done! But guess what! It’s time to get ready for the October Sale. So with summer clean ups and downsizing, put together a bag, or call for pick up. Things you don’t need are someone else’s treasures. These are huge fundraisers for us, so thank you for your support.