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March 24 Director’s Announcement

Dear Members, Participants and Friends,

From The Seattle Times Rant and Rave column on Tuesday March 24 2020, “RAVE: to the Ballard NW Senior Center and their chef, Lori! Although the center is closed, the kitchen is open and she is preparing delicious meals for pickup and takeout”.

As we were handing out these nutritious and delicious meals today another who came said:

“It’s not just about the food, it’s about community, it’s about doing for others, it’s about love.”

Another said:

“Thank you all for doing this, food, plus I get to go outside and see other people and say hi even from 6 feet away.”

I hope you are all doing well during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. It is a very difficult time for ourselves, our families, our center family, our community and our nation. It is important that we all follow the orders that are given. Stay at least 6 feet from others, wash your hands, sanitize, don’t touch your face and try to find the positives, exercise, eat well, get adequate rest and we will get through this together. Ballard NW Senior Center, “The Friendly Center”, has for 47 years been here to support, provide services, listen, celebrate the good times and lend a hand when an extra shoulder is needed. We are still here to help and support as best we can even though the center is closed. Staff continues to provide resources and support.

However, I am concerned. The COVID-19 Virus is hitting our population the hardest. We have been told to stay at home and that is good advice. But, again I am worried because isolation is detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing. Please find ways to have a positive outlook and communicate with others whether by e-mail, text, face time or the good old phone!

As noted above, while the center is closed we are offering Chef Lori’s take-out meals either to be picked up between 12 and 1 on a first come first served basis or limited delivery in our area. We offer pick up a meal  service at the center Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (2 meals on Thursday) because no pickup service on Friday. Suggested donation $4.00 per meal. Delivery Service only on Tuesday and Thursday. You will receive 2 nourishing meals and a container of soup each of those days. The suggested donation is $10.00 per day for this package. To request delivery, see instructions in the takeout meals section.

I’m also deeply concerned about the center financial state. We had to postpone our auction to 9/20/2020 and our other fundraisers have to be postponed also. But here is how you can help the center and allow us to be able to continue our services.

How can you help? Make a donation, hit the donate button on this page. Whether it’s $1.00 or $1,000 and any amount in between, it will help stabilize our finances.

Thanks so much, watch for more updates, and keep smiling.


Executive Director of Ballard NW Senior Center

2020 Director’s Message

Carlye Teel, Executive Director

Welcome 2020 and welcome to each of you, whether a long time or brand new participant at Ballard NW Senior Center. I hope you will join us for a fantastic year ahead. It should be spectacular. Before looking at some 2020 highlights, let me take a quick look back at a wonderful but challenging 2019.

It was a very good year and we accomplished a lot. We are delighted with our new partnerships with SeaMar, and our expanded program with Gen Pride. Our lunch program with Chef Lori is truly outstanding. We’ve offered so many great programs and services to help us all be all we can be.

Throughout the year, we offered 1,604 opportunities for exercise that keeps us all healthy and moving well. Our health and wellness and educational classes and programs are impressive and varied. We have daily activities to socialize and be with other people which is important to aging well. Studies have shown and we now know that positive socialization, exercise, arts, and laughter contribute to our overall well-being and lessen the blues. We have a real community here at Ballard NW and we truly are the “friendly center.” Don’t walk alone. Be part of your center and all we offer.

Our challenge for 2019 was financial as none of the centers received the support from King County that we had anticipated for the year. The rest of our fundraising was right on target. Thanks to all who made a year end donation. We reached our match goal and beyond. Our financials for 2019 will not be finalized until mid-March, so watch for updates in the coming weeks.

2020 holds great promise and we look forward to all we will do together. We continue to reach more and more individuals to join our services and activities. We continue to offer the best of our current programs, while always trying new things that will expand and enrich our participants’ lives.

We have several new classes and groups like, Walk Learn and Cook with Chef Lori, a new Parkinson’s Chair Yoga group and a Parkinson’s support group, and a new fitness class for LGBTQ seniors will start soon. We are excited that the daily Balance Class, and Laughter Yoga Group is so popular. We have interesting speakers, fun and exciting trips, good opportunities for continued educational growth and, of course, you know how exciting Chef Lori’s delicious and nutritious lunches are each day.

Our fundraisers are planned and we hope you will join us for Rainbow Bingo Feb 7th, and the Rummage Sale Fri-Sat, Feb 21 & 22 and of course our spectacular Al Hovland Memorial $pring for $eniors Auction Gala on Sunday, March 29th. This will be our biggest and best yet. Make your plans to attend.

I will continue to present some positive healthy ideas each month as we want 2020 to be our best year yet and being happy, kind, and positive is very important for each of our well-being. In that spirit do remember that “laughter really can be the best medicine.” Sometimes the long days of winter, colds, and gray days can get a person a little down. The psychological effects of laughter are well known but laughter may also have physiological benefits. It stimulates the body’s organs, increases oxygen to the heart, lungs, muscles, and stimulates the brain to release more endorphins which can ease stress and tension, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, and improve mood. Laughter stimulates memories and improves mental acuity in the elderly. Sounds like a great remedy for all of us. Laugh and enjoy and may 2020 be fantastic for each of us.



December 2017 Director’s Message

Carlye Teel, Executive Director

I wish each of you the happiest of Holidays, however you celebrate this month. This has been a good year for the center and I know we will make December a fantastic last month of 2017. We have had a lot to celebrate: good programs, the new and the best of those that continue to meet the needs of you all; our fundraising has been good so far; our volunteers are outstanding and contribute mightily to the center’s success; the health and wellness offerings have been fantastic and meet many differing needs of our participants; the exercise opportunities are varied and provide services that benefit all, in whatever physical situation you are; The Community Dining program provides a delicious and nutritious lunch each weekday and you get to share a meal with friends, new and old; there are continuous opportunities every day to socialize, share ideas, and connect with one another; every day we offer classes to learn and grow to keep our minds engaged and active; And most of all we are so fortunate to have each of you who come to the center and participate. It is you that help make us what we are and I say we are a darn good center. Thank you! And thank you to our great Board and Staff. The Board helps us guide us short and long term and I can’t say enough about Kristina, Carleen, and Bob, they do a terrific job and it has been especially difficult as we have been down a staff person. Thanks everyone!

I want to encourage each of you to join us for our terrific December activities. We have our Breakfast and Book Sale on Saturday, December 2nd, 9am-12pm. Our fantastic Taproot event is on Tuesday, December 5th, please support, this is a wonderful way to start your Holidays and a great gift for your family and friends. Our parties are great fun, come on Friday, December 8th for the Holiday Party, the Holiday Feast on Monday, December 18th with Santa and gifts, the New Year’s Party on Friday, December 29th.

I also urge each of us to take an extra few minutes to be a good friend, give a big smile, listen to someone that wants to talk, donate to your cause, give your friends and family your time. The Holidays are joyous to many but they can also be difficult or sad for some. This is when your time can mean so much to someone else. And isn’t giving of ourselves the most important gift we can give? Thanks.

I also must mention that I hope you will be able to donate, what is comfortable for you, to our year end appeal. We hope to raise $20,000 from participants and the community to finish our year in a positive position. Some donors have stepped up and the first $5,000 donated will be matched by $5,000 and become $10,000. Thanks! It will be great if we can say 100% participated whether you contributed $1 or thousands.

During this busy season please remember to take care of yourselves, exercise, get rest, get out and be with
people, learn and grow, find the positive in life and smile for you and everyone in your life.
Happy Holidays!

Love, Carlye

There Will Be 160 People Performing The Odyssey

The show itself, which Charles Isherwood at The New York Times described as a “brash, funny and heart-stirring” musical that’s “more homage than adaptation” and more populist than classical, is really just the customer-facing product of months of theatrical teaching and training throughout Seattle. For the last year, teaching artists from the Rep have been working closely with five organizations all over town, including Path With Art, The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Jubilee Women’s Center, Centerstone, and Sound Generations/Ballard NW Senior Center. Read more on The Stranger