Our Story: Welcome!

Wooden sign for Ballard Northwest Senior CenterThe Ballard Northwest Senior Center extends a very warm welcome to you. We are located in the Ballard area of Northwest Seattle about 1 block from the Hiram Chittenden Ballard Locks at 5429 32nd NW Seattle, WA. 98107. The Ballard Northwest Senior Center is “the friendly center” where all are warmly welcomed.

You want to have fun? Here are a couple of ideas-come join our delightful Wednesday night dinners, movies or bingo. Join us for parties, outings or your favorite interest club. We have many whether it is current events or antiques. Want to play cards? Sure, we have them all and lively games they are. The Red Hat group is great fun as is our Tuesday morning Zumba dance class and laughter yoga groups.

You want to stay or get more fit? Join our various exercise opportunities from enhanced fitness, to yoga, to balance workshops. Check that blood pressure with our nurse or see the Bastyr Naturopaths on Friday. The dental hygiene program keeps those pearly whites in good shape. Eat a delicious nutritious lunch every day with friends new and old.

You need some additional help? Be part of one of our self help groups or let our social worker give you some good life pointers. Our Senior Rights Assistance, legal and financial counselors can provide good advice for many of life’s challenges. Need a job or need work done? Our job bank may be able to help. Lower your insurance rates with the AARP driver course here at the Ballard Senior Center.

The Ballard Senior Center is affiliated with Senior Services, the most comprehensive nonprofit serving older adults in the state. We are a 501c3 agency. The center has served those 50 and above and their families in the Ballard, Magnolia and surrounding areas for 36 years.

Carlye Teel
Director, Ballard NW Senior Center


Ballard Northwest Senior Center’s Mission is to promote the emotional, social and physical well-being of older adults.

Our Values

  • We embrace and celebrate all cultures and identities.
  • We deliver services in a manner that is strength-based and senior-focused.
  • We strive to achieve equitable outcomes.
  • We are accountable to the seniors and the communities that we serve.

Cultural Competence Statement
The Center embraces the belief that cultural, social and other differences should be respected and celebrated. We all are responsible for providing and supporting a culturally competent environment that will enrich our interactions with each other and our products and services.

Anti Discrimination Policy
It is the policy of Senior Services and the Ballard NW Senior Activity center not to discriminate on the bases of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sensory, physical or mental handicap, political ideology or sexual orientation in employment or the applications for employment or in the administration or delivery of services or any other benefits. On request, people with disabilities will be provided with reasonable accommodations.

What Our Guest Have to Say

Members and guests talk about what they enjoy while at the Ballard NW Senior Center:

Two women laugh while playing bingo.

  • I find the Ballard NW Senior Center a great place to meet new friends and to participate in numerous activities. We have a wonderful group of people that meet to play bridge on Monday afternoons. It is a competitive group but we also have fun and don’t take it too seriously.
  • I usually come to Wednesday night dinner because $7.00 is a great deal. There is a ton of food and always a good group of people here. Afterwards I usually stay for the movie. We always new releases but occasionally we get one of the classics for old time’s sake. People love the bingo here too there is always a good crowd. — Evelyn
  • I love the dine-out trips once a month to area restaurants. Fun to go to dinner with a bunch of friends from the center. — Eunice
  • There are many opportunities to volunteer at the center. I love my 1 day as a receptionist. I get to welcome new people to the center and sign them up for activities. I enjoy the action. — Jan
  • Nurse Carolyn is the best. Her monitoring my blood pressure and sugar saves me a trip to the doctor. She is a great lady and it is a free service. — Tom
  • The financial seminars are great. It gives me peace of mind.
  • The foot care program is outstanding. I can’t do my own toes any more. My feet and toes always look and feel great. The exercise class and walking group are terrific too. — Lucille
  • Playing pinochle is fun, Mostly, I laugh but sometimes I even win. — Audrey
  • I love the new lunch program here. Truly good food and there is always laughter and good cheer. It isn’t only the food it is getting out and being with people. — Bill
  • Love lunch, the menu is varied and fresh ingredients. — Yum Mary
  • Our rummage sales are the best, we have great stuff and it is cheap. Good for the budget and the lunches are delicious. — Anna
  • The AARP driver safety class is so worthwhile, saves on insurance, and you partner with good people. — Helen
  • The tax help is fantastic and free. — Ted
  • This is the friendliest center, everyone is welcome. I visited several and this is by far the most open, welcoming and friendly. I knew I was home when I walked thru the door. — Pat
  • Thanks for having the flu shot clinics. You sure try and keep us healthy. — Wanda
  • This center is so welcoming. I am so happy that you are so open to diversity. Rainbow bingo is a great addition. Thank you. You can be whoever you want to be here. I am comfortable here and I am not everywhere. — Joan
  • Your special events are fun and never too expensive which is important to me. Thanks for making every day a good day at the center. Love the lunch and exercise too. — Susan
  • There is something at the center for everyone, a class, an outing, a service , games, exercise lunch it just gets better every year. — Connie
  • Thanks for the computer lab, it is so nice to have this service. I stay in touch with my grand kids this way and that is important. — Ken
  • Lunch is fabulous and so are the activities.
  • The exercise classes are wonderful. I feel better after each class. Great teachers and everyone is so positive. — Pat
  • A fine social worker, classes and groups bring new perspective to our lives. Wish there was more. — Claire
  • This is a place where I can get all my needs met in one place. Exercise, food, friendship, interesting classes, good people, volunteer, fun and a place of lasting friendships and where we care about each other. The center and staff are the very best. — Jerry
  • Wednesday nights are fun and I don’t sit home in my apartment by myself. Wish you were open more on the weekends. — Charlie
  • Nurse Carolyn makes my life better, I can talk to her about anything and that gives me confidence about my health.
  • I moved out of the area but still come here as often as I can, there is no other place like this center. I am safe and happy here. — Alice
  • You celebrate diversity and everyone is welcome. Thank you. — Jonathan.
  • You provide meaningful volunteer opportunities and I know I am needed and that makes me feel good. The center is so appreciative of all the volunteers and we want to work for you. I love this center!

Center Pictures

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