The Ballard NW Senior Center offers many programs throughout the week including classes, workshops, presentations, and groups. However, we are proceeding cautiously to keep our participants healthy.  Activities are still somewhat limited as we gradually loosen our COVID restrictions. Starting in July, we will begin to open up more activities but with limited capacity. Check each section below to view our active programs.

Help with Virtual Classes (including phone and tablet) is always available.
Some of our activities may be virtual.  If you need help in figuring out how to participate in these activities, please contact Mark, our Program Coordinator:  206-297-0403 or email

Arts & Crafts include many classes and groups offering opportunities to learn about different art forms, languages, theater, and music.

Fitness In pre-COVID times included over 33 exercise opportunities weekly at the center. Our many highly experienced instructors and group leaders are dedicated to improving the health and fitness of everyone. We are gradually adding in-person classes along with the virtual programs now in place since COVID. Stay healthy and sign up for classes!

We are finally able to start up more trips and recreational activities.  Check out the The Trips & Recreation page to again find a variety of trips to wonderful locations throughout King County and Washington State. Group trips will be listed by month with descriptions including destination, cost, and walking levels of low, medium, and high.  The Trip Policy is also listed. It is a must read before registering for any trips.  We are excited to tell you that we had our first trip in June and it was a success!  More trips are scheduled each month with limited capacity which we hope to expand soon. Make certain you check out the Trips & Recreation section and register soon because trips will fill up fast!

Don’t forget to check out our list of local Groups & Other Activities meeting here regularly as they start to open up again. As the “friendly center,” we welcome new groups to join our activities and encourage everyone to participate in one or more groups.♦ GAMES & CARDS
July is a fabulous month…Bingo, Pinochle and Bridge are starting up again!  Check out Games & Cards for details.  Soon you will be able to join in on more fun again on Games & Cards like rummy, and poker keep our minds active, boost concentrating, and offer a social outlet all of which are key factors in a happy and healthy life. Our growing list of game groups is expanding all the time. Tell us if you would like to add a new group to this list.

We are getting closer for you to be able to stop by the Bookstore again to relax with a good book, chat quietly with friends, find a great movie or music CD to take home. Our collection of hundreds of quality second hand books are rotated regularly and all are for sale. Until you are able to spend time inside the Bookstore, you can stop by, select a book and take it outside or home to read.  More than 1,000 books find new homes every year. Donate or purchase new books, movies, or music to enjoy today! All proceeds benefit the senior center.