Nifty Thrifty Bookshop

Find a good book, movie, music, greeting cards, and more in our Bookstore to read this season, or donate your previously read books. The Book Movers Group, an amazing group of volunteers, organize and run the Bookstore. Books are sorted by category, with a special section for Large Print Books.



Women of The Book
First there was a room without a real purpose; someone proposed they build a bookcase and have books for borrowing. Then shelves overflowed and they wanted more bookcases, and so it became a bookstore. It’s a bookstore open to the public and it has a name, “Nifty Thrifty Bookstore” run by a dedicated group I like to call Women of The Book at the Ballard NW Senior Center. The Nifty Thrifty Bookstore keeps on growing from your ongoing generous donations. Thank you! Read more on the Ballard News-Tribune.

Amazing Donations
bookstore and tile wallEvery day donations of books, movies, and music are given to the center. Thank you everyone who has helped to fill the Bookstores shelves. Thank you Mary Zippel and Wendy McCallum for donating the wonderful bookcases which line the Bookstore. This amazing donation was made in 2012 and greatly increased the Bookstores popularity. In 2013, Mary Zippel also donated a CD shelf to go on the wall. This wonderful addition to the Bookstore will make access to our wide selection of music CDs easier to reach.

The Tile Honor Wall Project
$60 for each tile.  You may purchase as many tiles as you like.

Purchase online or download a form (or pick up one up at the Center) and mail it with your payment to the Center.  When you order a tile, please inform Carolyn at (206) 297-0403.

Ceramic clay tiles have been hung on our Tile Honor Wall in the bookstore.  You can be part of this everlasting opportunity to honor a person or an event, and support the Center at the same time by purchasing tiles. Tiles are 7.5 inch squares, tan color with black lettering, and are custom engraved by laser for a lasting impression. Each tile costs $60.00 with one to four lines of up to 20 characters (spaces count as characters) per line. Come view our Tile Honor Wall Project for examples and inspiration.  Mail forms with your payment to:

The Ballard NW Senior Center
5429 32nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Thank you for your support.