There Will Be 160 People Performing The Odyssey

The show itself, which Charles Isherwood at The New York Times described as a “brash, funny and heart-stirring” musical that’s “more homage than adaptation” and more populist than classical, is really just the customer-facing product of months of theatrical teaching and training throughout Seattle. For the last year, teaching artists from the Rep have been working closely with five organizations all over town, including Path With Art, The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Jubilee Women’s Center, Centerstone, and Sound Generations/Ballard NW Senior Center. Read more on The Stranger

Making Theater Of, By & For The People Of Seattle

Ken Parms stumbled into Public Works Seattle by accident. His neighbor told him he could get a three-dollar lunch at the senior center. “I said great, let’s go, I’ll drive!” Parms says. The excursion happened to coincide with musical theater workshop day, and Parms was delighted with the chance to participate. He was hooked. Parms auditioned for “The Odyssey” in June and was cast as a cyclops. He couldn’t be more thrilled. “Like a school girl, I’m giddy!” he enthuses, although he concedes that, initially, the costume was so heavy the staff had to build a special structure to support it. Read more at KUOW.

2014 Volunteer of the Year

Not Just For Seniors - frontstepsWe are proud to introduce Stephen Sill as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year. Stephen Sill (seen to the left) is a dedicated volunteer and an inspiration to many. This summer he supervised several volunteer groups working through Vona, one of which is pictured above. These groups took on the rewarding challenge of landscaping, pruning, and making repairs around the Ballard NW Senior Center. This is only one of the many projects Steve has been a part of at the Ballard NW Senior Center.