March 2018 Director’s Message

Carlye Teel, Executive Director

February was such a busy month, one thing after another.  Rainbow Bingo was fun and profitable, the fantastic Rummage Sale brought in $3,999 during the 2 days.  Mardi Gras was delightful; Valentine’s a delicious lunch and the party was spirited; and, Chinese New Year was traditional and it was fun to figure out which sign one was born under.  Lots of laughter, good food, and thanks to some of our Asian members for their presentation and yummy traditional buns.

Now we are on to March.  There is a lot going on in March, all our great regular activities, classes, groups, trips, etc. plus our biggest fundraiser of the year.  This event, our $pring for $eniors Dinner and Auction Gala, sets the tone for our fundraising for the year.  If we have a successful evening, the remaining fundraisers for the year will be as we have budgeted.  Otherwise,  future fundraisers will require higher goals.  I know $pring for $eniors will be successful, the best in our history, with your help and support.  We are counting on everybody to be involved and help in some way.  If we all work together we will get it done.  Our goal is to raise $85,000 and to have 200 guest.  Donate an item or cash, or yourself.  Volunteer before, during and after, attend, ask a merchant for a donation.  Thanks for supporting your Center.  Questions? Ask me, Kristina, or a committee member.

It’s been wonderful to hear why people are feeling gratitude/grateful when someone shares at lunch.  Whether it’s for the Center, a new apartment, feeling better, laughter, good food, a friend and so many more reasons there is much to feel good about.  There are lots of smiles around too and remember a smile is good for you and for those your smile touches.  Smiles can also help build a person’s happiness.  Time magazine did an issue on the science of happiness.  “Evidence is growing that the connection between mind and body – between well-being and physical health – is real!  One of the articles talks about Healthy habits for Happiness.  1) Sleep more–people who get adequate sleep are better at achieving emotional well-being.  2) Exercise–physical activity boosts the action of endorphin’s,  they may be natural mood enhancers.  3) Get outside—too much sun isn’t good but getting enough exposure may be important to mental health.  Studies show that sunlight boosts synthesis of serotonin that can help regulate mood. 4) Eat more fish– 26 studies found people who ate the most fish had a 17% lower risk of depression.  5) Stand up straight–people with upright posture were feeling more enthusiastic, excited and strong. 6) Smile—smiles lower heart rates during stress recovery and there is a smaller dip in positive emotions during stressful tasks.

I also want to say thanks to Chef Bob, who resigned and is moving on to new opportunities.  Thanks for
6+ years of delicious food and your help with other Center events.  Everything was delicious but those soups were fantastic.

Let’s make March a great month.  Be happy, smile, support one another and support the Auction.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day—wear green and come to the party on the 17th. Thanks everyone.