Morning Acupuncture

Monday, May 21, 2018, 9 am – 12 pm
Board Meeting Room [expand title="map & info" id="location" trigclass="arrowright" startwrap="\(\" endwrap="\<\/strong\>)" trigclass="a"]

Board Meeting Room

Ballard NW Senior Center
5429 32nd NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 297-0403…


Cost: Members: $20, Non-members: $40
Acupuncturist: Brenden Fegan
Registration: By appointment; please sign up by calling (206) 297-0403.
Traditional and holistic medicines regard disease and dysfunction as disharmony and imbalance of the 'energy' within the body.  Acupuncture is a safe and effective method to re-balance this disordered energy and increase quality of life.  Acupuncture can help regulate blood flow, regulate the central and peripheral nervous systems, regulate the pain response, and decrease inflammation in the body.  It is generally a pain-free experience. Available by (1 hour) appointments. Generally a pain-free experience. "I hate needles but I love what this treatment has done for me. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself." - Carlye


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