Nutrition & Meals


Starting on July 19th at noon Community Dining returned with limited capacity as we bring it back to full participation and begin to phase out door pick-up and phase in onsite dining.

Monday – Thursday, Noon – 1:00 pm on site for 25 diners only.  No Drop-Ins allowed.
Must have reservations for each day you plan to attend.
For Reservations call 206-297-0403.
No Drop-ins allowed.
Harmony Dining Hall, Ballard NW Senior Center
Suggested Donation for those 60+: $4, Fee for those under 60: $10

Currently we only have the take-out/pickup meals available Monday thru Thursday and Delivery
Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same suggested $4 dollar donation and done with the same take-
out/pickup procedures between 12 noon and 1:00 pm with 2 meals available on Thursdays. Once you
pick up your food you can have your meal inside the dining room sitting and chatting with your friends.              dining room closed on Friday.

When we fully open, hopefully soon there will be procedures in place.  These will be the procedures you will need to follow when we eventually full open along with COVID restriction mandates:

Procedures: Check-in for those with a reservation: register at the 1st floor front desk, make your donation
in the CD box, get your card and find a seat in the dining room. Enjoy chef Lori and crew’s delicious,
nutritious and homemade hot lunch and socialize with your friends. On Thursday, a meal for Friday will be
available to take home at the same suggested donation. Things will be a bit different and procedures
changed. The coffee and tea bar will not be operational and beverage service at lunch will be different but,
the food is delicious and the opportunity to be with others and share a meal is a long awaited opportunity
to be together again. HOPEFULLY WE WILL RETURN TO THIS SOON.  In the meantime, enjoy our to-go lunches Monday – Thursdays.

Stay tuned for more information!!

Wednesdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Cost: $3 Wine/Beer, $5 Mixed Drinks
Limit: We may limit capacity to 25 people.  Reservations may be required.  Call the Center for information at (206) 297-0403.
After a long day with the grand kids don’t you need a nice cold drink? Or perhaps after working hard all day at work? Or maybe after a big day at the center full or classes and volunteering you want to relax. Stop in for Happy Hour and order a drink of your choice. Non-alcohol choices are available such as soda ($1), coffee (50 cents), and tea (50 cents). Happy Hour Guests are welcome to stay for dinner or order from our Happy Hour Menu.
5:00 pm
(Bingo at 6:30 pm)
Cost For Dinner: $7.00 If you go to Bingo add $6.50 – total will be 13.50
Bingo Caller: Genovan
You must register in advance at the 2nd Floor Reception Desk or call (206) 297-0403 to reserve a seat for yourself. Capacity is limited to 25 for the dinner group. Seating capacity for  Bingo is limited to 30.  Enjoy a delicious and affordable dinner including salad, main course, dinner roll, a glass of wine, and dessert. Then, if you’d like, play delightful games of bingo with cash prizes. 


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Activities below on hold.  Pricing and detail information
will be updated when we begin again…


♦ Mornings Delights

Food and flowers on a serving table at the cafe

Morning Cafe
Select Weekdays,9:00 am – noon

Location: Harmony Dining Hall, Ballard NW Senior Center
Cost: 50 cents – $1
Sponsors: TBA
No Registration: Drop-Ins Welcome
Begin the day with a hot cup of coffee or tea, and delicious pastries by local businesses. Selections vary by day, but we’re always open for a piping hot cup of coffee!

Coffee, Tea
(Decaf & Regular)
Hot Apple Cider / Chocolate$0.50
Soda / Bottled Water$1.00

♦ Fresh Food Pickup

Select Weekdays, 9:00 am – Noon
Location: Harmony Dining Hall, Ballard NW Senior Center
Sponsors: Tall Grass Bakery and Ballard Food Bank
No Registration: Drop-Ins Welcome
On occasion we receive food donations from businesses and organizations in our community, and from our members and friends. Check in to see if we’ve received anything and help yourself to a free item or two. Fresh baked goods from Tall Grass Bakery are usually available every Thursday. Meat, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and more are available every once in a while thanks to the Ballard Food Bank. Thank you to all who supply us with weekly donations!

♦ Birthday Lunch 

3rd Thursdays
Cost: Suggested Donation for those 60+: $4, Fee for those under 60: $10 (If this is YOUR birthday month, lunch is FREE.)
Registration: RSVP at the 2nd Floor Reception Desk or call (206) 297-0403 to reserve yourself a seat.
Join us for a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Lori and her lunch crew and then celebrate a friend’s or your birthday with a piece of fantastic birthday cake. We celebrate birthdays monthly.  A special birthday table is decorated to the occasion for our birthday people. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members, and family members.

♦ Dinner & Movie – Coming Soon

Wednesdays, 5:00 pm (Dinner), 6:00 pm (Movie)
Cost:  Dinner $7 / Movie $2
Movie Group Leader: Sebastian
Registration: RSVP at the 2nd Floor Reception Desk or call (206) 297-0403 to reserve a seat for yourself.
Each dinner is prepared from scratch and includes protein, salad, main course, dinner roll, dessert, and a glass of wine. Afterwards head upstairs to the 2nd Floor to enjoy on the large screen a new release movie. Participants can request movies for future.


For more information on the Movies, check out the Clubs & Groups page.